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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Can You Feel My Spirit?

Carol Brooke, copyright 2008 In Loving Memory of My Little Sister

December 1, 1975 - June 6, 2001

As my eyes streamed with tears, I created this illustration in memory of my sister. It was so painful it took years to finish it.

When my little sister, Kathy, and I were kids we learned to feel spiritual energy. I remember when she told me to close my eyes, held her hand over my heart and said, "Now, feel the energy of my spirit as I get closer and further away. Do you feel it? Now, tell me when I am close?"

"You are close!" I opened my eyes to see her hand above my heart and she giggled.

God, my sister... I miss you with all of my heart. Yesterday was the anniversary of the day that you left your body. You were killed by a wreckless driver... Torn from your body against your will. I feel your spirit, but my heart aches for you, my baby sister. So many memories. I need you so much. Your children need you. I love you, Kathy.

At your funeral I realized that I was so disoriented and grief stricken that I didn't even have a rose for you. A line of people walked by, looked down at your body and gave you a rose. I looked down at your body, held my hand over my heart, took a piece of it and gave it to you. Sister, my heart is in anguish right now. After all these years it doesn't hurt any less. Yes, I know you are safe in God's loving light, but I miss you. I miss you so much. I planted a white rose bush for you. It bloomed yesterday and I clipped one of the roses, held it close to my heart and I could feel your spirit.


Jennifer Gladen said...

Aww Carol. What a story. I'll keep you in my prayers as I know this is a painful time of year for you.

Carol Brooke said...
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Carol Brooke said...

When my niece was in the hospital she was calling for my sister (her mom) and reaching towards the ceiling. She could see her mom! The machines in the room started making all kinds of noise and the nurses ran in. My niece was able to move her previously paralized arm and leg! She just saw her mommy and was healed! They forgot to say that part in this article.