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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kindergarten Sight Words Flashcards, Personalized Princess!

These Kindergarten Sight Words Flash Cards are personalized with a princess with any skin, hair and eye color your child chooses!

This princess has fair skin, blue eyes and blond hair. Many girls will enjoy creating a princess with their own skin, hair and eye color.

Kindergartners need to know the important list of 52 Dolch sight words, which are printed on these flashcards. Personalizing the flashcards will help make studying the words enjoyable for your child.

On the front (left) of the flashcards, you can see the princess, parent's instructions and the words.

On the back (right), you can see the dedication you create for your child, more about why these words are important, where the list came from, as well as each word in personalized sentence.

The personalized flashcards will be available for purchase at

These flash cards are also ideal as an iPhone/iPad app or computer game. I can see these flash cards being sold through the Scholastic school book orders as an iPad/iPhone app! I'd love this app for my 5-year old daughter, even if I didn't design it myself. :)

Your child can add her own name and any skin, hair and eye color!

Sentences on the back of each card include her name!

Front of Cards and Back of Cards (pages 1 and 2.)

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