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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mother Goose Time- Aesop's Fables for Preschoolers, The Young Crab and His Mother

"Do not tell others how to act unless you can set a good example."

So, That's what mommy and baby crab learn in this short story?

What a great reality check! (Read The Young Crab and His Mother below.)

Have you ever read Aesop's Fables? They are wonderful short stories that remind us of virtues of goodness, honesty, generosity and caring of others.

You can use this fun Mother Goose Time activity to teach the above virtue.

Read: The Young Crab and His Mother (See pictured below.)

- Aesop's Fables for Preschoolers by Mother Goose Time.

Reading: Identify the letter C.

  1. Cut out a large, red "C" from construction paper.
  2. Say the letter and the sound it makes.
  3. Children repeat.

Art: Crab C Art


  • Red construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes


  1. Make a crab out of the letter "C".
  2. Use the large, red letter "C" you created for identifying the letter "C".
  3. Cut 2 ovals into claws.
  4. Cut 4 short strips for the eyes and arms.
  5. Glue the arms, eyes and googly eyes onto the crab.

Parent/Teacher Reflection:

When I teach my children I tend to reflect on what I am teaching.

So, naturally I asked myself the tough question presented here....

"Am I telling my children to do something that I can't do myself, or I don't do?"

  • What do you teach your children to do that you don't do yourself?

After all, they are really paying attention to what we do... Rather than what we say.

Mother Goose Time included this book and CD this month!
The Young Crab and His Mother was in the book and on the CD.

It's full of fun fables and folktales. Each day includes fun games, activities and arts and crafts to go along with the story for the day.

My daughters would love to have more books and CD's like this one. They loved it!

Thank you, Mother Goose Time!

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