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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mother Goose Time - Food and Fitness

Our Mother Goose Time theme for the month of February is Food and Fitness.

We have had so much fun so far this month. Here is our February bulletin board.

The girls were just getting over being sick (especially little sister), but they did get to enjoy going out to English tea, lots of fun crafts and a horseback riding lesson for our oldest daughter. Of course, they had lots of work to do, but we try to make it fun.

Horseback Riding

The horseback riding lesson was a lesson I had purchased on Groupon for $30 after our oldest daughter graduated last year as a reward for her hard work! So, she had waited a long time for this lesson and was happy to get to go. It was a fun way for her to get exercise. Our youngest daughter wanted a unicorn, but they didn't have any. She was feeling sick anyway, so she learned a lot while watching her older sister. Actually, our youngest would have preferred a flight (plane) lesson, but she isn't old enough yet. :)

Her first English riding lesson.
She has ridden Western, but not English until today.
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

All ready for her lesson.
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

This horse really wanted attention. :)
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
Joanne from Gladstone Performance Horses was her instructor.
The horse is Chief.

 Exercises at Home

Mother Goose Time also included some exercises for us to enjoy together at home.

 Food Groups

We began the month learning about all the food groups.

We started with grains, so we had sandwiches as part of our study. After the riding lesson, we decided that going out to tea while learning about different types of sandwiches would be fun. It was my birthday, so it was nice to celebrate while learning about different types of tea sandwiches.

Going out to tea as part of our study about types of sandwiches for grains.
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

Here is her sandwich art!

Sandwich Art by a 4-year-old
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

By Mother Goose Time

Creating Sandwich Craft
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

Poor, little girl was sick in this photo, but she is still happy to work on her Mother Goose Time activities. Here she is working on her little book and showing us the Lego plane she made with dad.

Lego plane made with dad.
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

Mother Goose Time
My Little Journal
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
 Writing in her Mother Goose Time journal.

Here she is getting her turn to ride a pony.
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
Here's a picture of her back in October when she got to ride a pony at the Irvine Park Railroad. That day her older sister didn't get to ride a horse, so it all evens out in the long run. At least I'm trying.

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