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Friday, April 10, 2015

Mother Goose Time, Discovering the Ocean Floor

Exploring the Ocean Floor Fun

Mother Goose Time included this "Ocean Commotion" preschool curriculum web in the April box!

It's great to hang this up for the kids to see. Each day, they explore the next activity on the web.

I enjoy using this web to explain writing to my 2nd grader, too. You can use the same type of web for any type of writing (story, report, biography, etc...)

Seashell Discovery, Music, Counting, Dancing and Acting

When my 3-year-old daughter discovered the seashells inside her Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum box, she was thrilled!

The seashells are beautiful. Wow!

She used the seashells to make music.

"Look Mom, the seashells are instruments!"

"Wow, it looks like animals live inside. Do animals live inside, Mom?"

We talked about the types of animals that live inside seashells. Which she found fascinating.

She even noticed that they were supposed to fit together on her own, and she opened and closed the shells.

She counted the seashells.
"1-2-3..." (up to twenty)

She counted in Spanish, too!

She sorted the seashells, and then counting the types of shells.

My daughters danced around the seashells on a blue ocean blanket, while we listened to the Mother Goose Time Ocean Commotion CD.

"I'm a fish!"
"I'm a dolphin!"
"I'm a sea turtle!"

They also loved exploring the ocean floor using their play magnifying glasses on this colorful poster.
They found a green plant, seashell, and octopus...

"Look Mom, this green plant looks different than the other one."

They turned the play magnifying glasses over and did more exploring, acting out discovery.

Then, over the weekend, we took a trip to downtown Disney to see the beautiful aquarium at the Rainforest Café.

We even made our own aquarium. We talked about the habitat, temperature of the water, and how we have a fresh water tank, rather than salt water (like the salt water tank at Rainforest Café).

The girls love to relax and watch the neon tetras swim in their new fish tank.

They can't wait to learn about large sea creatures next, such as the whale, octopus, dolphin, shark and sea turtle.

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What's your favorite ocean lesson? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

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