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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mother Goose Time - In the Orchard, Ponies, Train Ride, Painting and More!

Riding the train at the Irvine Park Railroad. Just about to go inside a tunnel decorated for Halloween...
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
During the month of October the girls loved learning about our Mother Goose Time theme, In the Orchard. Even though Mother Goose Time is preschool curriculum for our younger daughter, her older sister ends up learning a lot, too. It's also a nice way for her to take a break from her studies. We had so much fun on our family trip to the Pumpkin Patch and Harvest Festival at the Irvine Park Railroad!

Train ride at the Irvine Park Railroad for the Harvest Festival.
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

While we were at the Irvine Park Railroad, the girls got to go on a train ride, hay ride, play games and win prizes, go through a spooky (kid friendly) house, drive little cars, ride ponies, make cookies, jump in bouncy houses and pick out pumpkins.

The train went around the park and the girls got to see peacocks, historic monuments, old trees,
nature, all the harvest festival activities and a tunnel decorated for Halloween.

Hay ride at the Irvine Park Railroad.
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
Driving at the Irvine Park Railroad
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
For some reason, Irvine Park Railroad only has the ponies that the really little kids can ride during the week. Older kids have to wait until the weekend. It is so busy on the weekend there, I wasn't about to go back! Our older daughter had to wait a few days until we had our fun event at Blocktober, which is at Saddleback Church. (There is so much to do at Blocktober, and its only $5! Pony rides are only one of the fun activities they have for the kids. Blocktober is the ultimate Halloween fun activity for kids in the area and it's at our church, Saddleback Church. I'll make a separate post about it soon.)
Pony Rides at the Irvine Park Railroad
Copyright Caroline Brooke
Pony rides at Blocktober, Saddleback Church!
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
All I can say is, thank God for Saddleback Church! My older daughter was very upset because she did not get her pony ride at the Irvine Park Railroad. She had done her chores that morning looking forward to it.

She loves horses, and these ponies were so adorable. They were all cleaned up, brushed and even had sparkles on their fur. She started braiding the ponies mane while she was riding.
Braiding the pony mane at Blocktober, Saddleback Church.
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
Here is a fun Mother Goose Time activity children can do after they visit an orchard...

Lovely Trees Handprint Craft

(I can't remember if this was the real name of the craft, but it sounds good :)
  • Paint (blue and green)
  • Heart confetti
  • Brown paper for handprint tree
  • Glue
  • White paper
  • Paint brush or blotcher
See, this is how to make it...
1. Make a handprint and cut it out from the brown paper. Glue it on the white paper
2. Paint it green and blue with a paint blotcher thingy.
3. Sprinkle on the heart confetti.
Mother Goose Time Lovely Tree Craft
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
Age 8

Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
Age 4

Mother Goose Time
Lovely Tree Craft
She has paint on her face and hands... So cute!
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
Thanks for stopping by!
:) That shirt is from Auntie Crystal. Thanks sis!
Here is one of her favorite toys from her Great Aunt and Uncle.
It was supposed to be a Christmas tree ornament, and she just couldn't put it in the storage box a few years ago.
Actually, I think it might be her older sisters.
What a sweet, older sister to share.
Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

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