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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mother Goose Time - Learning to Be Free to Create

Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
(Mother Goose Time Use Only)
One thing I love about Mother Goose Time is that it has helped my preschool-age daughter to feel free to create and learn independently, and then share what she has created with the family.

Of course, our Mother Goose Time is not really independent time, but structured learning within a creative framework.

However, this structure has taught her skills she can now independently do on her own. As you can see in the pictures below, she is demonstrating her ability to create on her own.

I want to make sure she keeps this feeling of freedom to create throughout her life.

Creative Process

Designing the Characters

Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
For example, as you can see in this picture she created little carrots and turtles with her play dough.
These were her own creations and it was really nice to see her take initiative and just make what she was seeing in her mind.

Creating a Song and Acting it Out with Her Turtles and Carrots

Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke
Then, she made up a song (on her own) and acted out the story within the song she created with the characters that she designed. She did this completely on her own. I did not help her with this at all!

Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

She made up this song...
"Three little turtles jumping on the bench.
One feel down and bumped his head.
Momma called the doctor and the doctor said,
No more turtles jumping on the bench."

She also made up the same song for carrots, but she changed the words around a little bit.

Mom's Reflections and Thoughts

I was reflecting on her ability to do this, and I realized that all of the songs, arts and crafts, subjects (reading, math, science, etc.) and stories we worked on while having our Mother Goose Time actually helped give her the self confidence and framework to design this story, song and the play dough characters on her own.

Every month, Mother Goose Time sends us new songs to sing. We get a CD and a bunch of songs. These songs really help her think of creative ways to make her own songs, too. It is amazing to look inside this little school bus box each month (pictured above) and see a bag for every single day full of fun and educational activities. I truly believe Mother Goose Time is the best preschool curriculum for my daughter. She even says, "I love Mother Goose Time."

She especially gets excited about opening the manipulatives and she immediately wants to read the book sent for the month.

I was really surprised on Thanksgiving Day when she asked to do Mother Goose Time. She got out her Mother Goose Time bunnies and fed them Thanksgiving dinner. We got into her Mother Goose Time box and she created a new activity. I'll post it soon. Wow, we even did Mother Goose Time on Thanksgiving Day!

Thanks, Mother Goose Time!

Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

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