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Monday, October 5, 2015

Mother Goose Time - Friendship Bracelets with Dad!

Our preschool-age daughter really enjoyed making friendship bracelets with her dad. This is a great activity to do to keep them busy, if mommy needs to run out for a bit. That's what I did, and it worked really well.

This Mother Goose Time activity will help your preschooler further develop his/her fine motor skills and self-concept.

Friendship Bracelet Craft with Dad!

Okay, usually a daddy doesn't do this, but he was being a good sport. (Thank you, so much, honey!) It made her so happy to create these with her dad. He usually sticks to music or legos, not the artsy-craftsy stuff. That's what I usually do with them. The Mother Goose Time kit came with a brown pipe cleaner, so making one with daddy just came to mind, since he would not wear pink. LOL.

Daddy/Daughter Bracelets
We drew a heart on him during our church service as a joke. Poor daddy. :)


  • Beads
  • Pipe cleaner


  • What can you do to make a friend feel included?


  • Dump out the beads and invite the children to explore and play with them. Observe how they share, sort or talk about them.


  • Encourage the children to sort the beads by color.
  • Work together to divide them up so that each child has some.
  • Invite each child to string his beads onto the pipe cleaner, then help him fasten the bracelet to wear.
  • Explain that the beads are like our friends and family. Everyone is included in our circle of friendship.


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