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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mother Goose Time - Preschool Books that My Daughter Loves

Mother Goose Time sends us books that correspond with our theme for the month. We have a nice stack of Mother Goose Time books to fill in my daughter's book shelf in her bedroom.
Here are the covers of Mother Goose Time books, as you can see each one is unique and has always kept my preschool-age daughters interest.

She looks forward to reading the book with me as soon as we get the box for the month.

Here are the beautiful covers for many of our Mother Goose Time books. There may be one missing, as I had to scour my daughter's bookshelf. If I find any missing, I'll add them.

Ocean Animals A to Z

A Trace-the-Letter Book

by Leslie Falconer

The photographs in this book are bright, colorful and very interesting. Not only did my daughter enjoy tracing each letter, but she got to learn about a new ocean animal on each page. There were some amazing creatures we weren't as familiar with in this book, like the fugu for the letter "F" and the "isopod" for the letter "I". It was fun to read the book, because it had consistency, tracing each letter, with a new animal to surprise us on each page. Even when I wasn't around, she enjoyed taking out this book and reading it to herself as she traced each letter.

A Ride for Duck

by Kelly  Nogoski and Leslie Falconer

This funny story about a baby duck looking for a ride goes along with our transportation theme for next month. Duck meets a goat, lion and fish, as he tries to problem solve how to get to the store for some foot cream. Ducks motorcycle has a flat tire, and she tries to get a ride with one of his friends, which all have different types of transportation. In the end, absent minded duck find a surprise he forgot about in his own garage. The photographs in this book really kept my daughters interest and the silly story line made her laugh.

A BIG Problem

by Carter Oosterhouse

Pictures by Chris Lensch

As soon as my daughter got this book she was thrilled. She loves blue and had just got a blue elephant stuffed toy for her birthday gift. She ran to get her blue elephant toy, and we read the story together at bedtime. The children in this story work together, as they problem solve ways to get elephant down from the tree. It's fun to see the interesting pictures, as kids problem solve ways to save elephant. In the end, they put all their ideas together and save elephant in a creative way. It really is a well-thought-out story, that can teach a preschool-age child the scientific process and how to solve problems. They even provide an illustrated model for Solving Problems (imagine, plan, make, improve and ask) on the last page.

Aesop's Fables for Preschoolers

Pictures by Chris Lensch

We read this book over, and over again. Even my older daughter enjoyed reading it along with the CD. It was wonderful to have daily, corresponding activities (such as crafts and games) to go along with each of the fables. As the girls worked on their corresponding activity, we listened to the fable. The lessons within these fables are really life-long lessons. This beautifully illustrated book included the following fables: The Lion and the Mouse, The Bundle of Sticks, The Grasshopper and the Ants, The Hare and the Tortoise, The Dog and His Reflection, The Crow and the Pitcher, The Boys and the Frogs, The Young Crab and His Mother, The Milkmaid and Her Pail, and Bell on the Cat. This book is handy to keep in the car for long car rides because is has the CD to accompany it. These classics are a welcome addition to our library, because they remind us of choosing good character and timeless bits of wisdom to live by when faced with challenges in life.


Retold by Leslie Falconer

Pictures by Chris Lensch

We love the way this story is re-told in a more constructive, caring way than the original version. Goldilocks is a likeable character and she loves her Baby Bear. She must clean her room to find him, but falls asleep as she cleans. She dreams of her adventure to find her beloved Baby Bear. She comes upon a cottage that she cleans (just as she cleans her room) in hopes to find Baby Bear. It was worth re-telling because it ended in joy and appreciation, rather than fear. The illustrations are also adorable.


Lettuce Turnip the Beet!

Colors, Counting and Corny Jokes from the Farm Market

Compiled and illustrated by Kelly Nogoski

This book is creative on so many levels. The illustrations are actual prints of fruits and vegetables, which helps the child see them in a new way. On each numbered page, the child finds a silly riddle that plays with words. This book encourages healthy eating, too. When we were done reading my daughters asked for cucumbers and carrots, as printed in paint in the book.

Johnny Appleseed

Story by Leslie Falconer

Pictures by Chris Lensch

Johnny is a retelling of the classic Johnny Appleseed. Johnny travels state-to-state with his squirrel friend, planting and sharing apples. As people chased away his squirrel friend, in the end the found value in what squirrel had to share. Children learn that Johnny Appleseed was a real person named John Chapman. He was a vegetarian, who cared for mistreated horses. He was wealthy, but he did not flaunt his wealth, instead he shared medicinal seeds and plants. He was a real, Christian missionary.

Beatriz, Bananas and the Very Big Hat

Adapted by Leslie Falconer

Pictures by Chris Lensch

In this brilliant story, Beatriz, a creative entrepreneur living in the jungle, comes up with a functional hat to solve the problem of getting lost in the grass. She decides to work hard and create more of her well-liked hats to sell at the market. Unfortunately, selfish monkeys steal her hats, and she works through ways to get her hard-earned hats back. My daughters learned the importance of taking care of yourself, keeping your cool, and being creative with solutions, as you hold onto your hard-earned ideas. This insightful story helps remind us that learning to lead is just as important as creating, and sometimes simply being nice isn't the solution that works. Using your mind, and not letting monkeys take advantage of you takes sneaky solutions, that are less confrontational than you may first be inclined to resort to. In fact, it's okay to not let the monkeys steal from you. This book was accompanied by a fun game, as well as many other activities for the month. Of course, my daughters wanted to eat bananas like Beatriz. So, it's great that it encourages healthy eating, too.

All of these Mother Goose Time books come in the themed box for the month, full of lesson plans, activities, games, crafts and much more. Both of my daughters have enjoyed these stories, and we will read them over and over again through the years.

Thank you, Mother Goose Time.

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