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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mother Goose Time - Fun with Colorful Light Box Shapes

Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke. Do not use without permission. For Mother Goose Time use only.

Take a look at our new Mother Goose Time light box shapes!

Every month Mother Goose Time always sends an interesting bag of manipulatives inside our beautiful, yellow box, which looks like a school bus. My daughters love getting into this bag as soon as we get our new box for the month.

This month, we got colorful light box shapes, as well as a few other manipulatives. These clear shapes show up brightly on a light box. I got out my light boxes, which I use for illustrating. For the first time, we used my light boxes in a new way, as she created interesting designs with her new Mother Goose Time shapes.

 She loved creating interesting light box shape designs.

Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

Photo Copyright Caroline Brooke

As I pointed to each creation she explained what she made.

"Look mom, that's a baby chick."

"The red and yellow one is a car!"

"That's a dog and another baby chick."

"The red ones are a bathtub and a light above it."

It was so fun to see her get creative with these shapes and make her own designs.

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